The Law

Commercial operators of “Drones” must have “Permission for Commercial Operation” (previously called PfAW) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority in The U.K.

Any commercial operation without C.A.A. PfCO is illegal as it contravenes The Air Navigation Order.

In order to apply for a PfCO we had to pass a BNUC-s qualification, flight and operations test in relation to our operations manual, examination of equipment and proof of commercial insurance. This is an annual process.

For peace of mind always make sure your commercial drone operator has a C.A.A. PfCO if not they are uninsured and the operation is illegal.

There are lots of illegal operators out there, don’t get caught out.  A list of legal operators can be viewed on the C.A.A. website.

We are C.A.A. ID 690. Our permission allows us to fly up to 400 feet at a maximum distance of 500 meters. We are permitted to fly at night.

Here’s a link to the C.A.A. Unmanned Aircraft page. It contains the relevant parts of the Air Navigation Order (U.K. air law) and the C.A.A commercial operators list.




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