We offer a range of services including Film and T.V. work, Aerial surveys and close up inspections of structures.


With our equipment and skills we can get the perfect establishing shots for your T.V. documentary, fly birds eye P.O.V. through trees or orbit your artist for a music promo. Our chief pilot has worked in Television and film for years as a Grip so has a great understanding of what is required.

We can work as part of a crew or as a complete second unit following a shot list. We can supply a full crew or pilot only, training your director/D.O.P./camera operator on site to operate the gimbal and other crew members as observers/crowd control if needed.

Even if it’s something as simple as a recce for a crane shot we are ready to help.

Promotional media

We can show your location, product or service from a view never seen before and edit it with ground filmed shots to give a full picture.

We can provide finished films to advertise your services online or provide beautiful aerial photographs for your promotional needs.

Aerial inspection and survey..

Our stabilized gimbals combined with high quality 4k cameras are perfect for taking close up digital stills of roofs, chimneys even trees. Perfect for inspections in hard to reach places sometimes saving our clients thousands of pounds in scaffolding costs. Our clients have been amazed at how much detail can be seen, we have even found a leak in a Church roof which had eluded wardens for years.. it was a tiny gap between tiles only visible at a certain angle.

Please contact us to discuss your project no matter how complex or simple, with our background if we can’t help we know who can.



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