2018 starts with Countryfile

We began our 2018 season filming an episode of Countryfile in the beautiful Ouse Wash Nature Reserve, a partnership between the R.S.P.B and Hanson PLC.

It’s easy to get great shots when the location you’re sent to is a vast wetland with complex reed beds and waterways. The new DJI Inspire 2 performed perfectly.

The episode was transmitted in early February and can be seen here on iPlayer. The opening 3 shots of the programme were filmed by  us with at least 20 shots used, a large proportion of the entire show.


Over the winter a large amount of our footage was used in TV programmes including “The Biggest Little Railway in the World” and “Impossible Railways”. Upcoming shows include “Titans of Transport” and “Wild Great Britain” so more to look forward to.

Soon we should be shooting in the Highlands of Scotland and then Wales, lets hope the weather is kind!


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